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Zephyr Open-Pore Cold Foam mattresses

The Zephyr Open-Pore Cold Foam mattress is using the latest technologies to provide a hygienic and fresh sleep environment. The superb ventilation qualities of the innovative Open-Pore Cold Foam material prevent the capture of natural sweat odours in the mattress, and provide a medium firm bouncy comfort. Below the Open-Pore Cold Foam there is an interconnected spring core, that provides maximum air flow below the sleep surface. The top of the mattress is covered with an anti-mould fabric which allows the use of any mattress protector. This combination creates a mattress that delivers superb bedroom hygiene along with a comfortable non-sinking sleep experience.

The Zephyr mattress features:

  • Innovative Open-Pore Cold Foam sleep surface for superb comfort and odourless freshness
  • Interconnected spring core with maximum ventilation
  • Breathing anti-mould top - can be used with any mattress protector
  • Balanced bouncy support in any sleep position
  • Especially designed to provide hygienic and fresh sleep environment to children and teenagers
  • Impeccable quilting and finish
  • Firmness of mattress: Medium firm
  • Suits any type of existing bed base

Sizes available:
Double Size: 138 x 190 x 18cm
King Single Size: 107 x 203 x 18cm
Single Size: 91 x 190 x 18cm

Double Size RRP: $1612
King Single Size RRP: $1386
Single Size RRP: $1238

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