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Selene Visco Gel Memory Foam mattresses

The innovative Selene Visco Gel mattress enables you to enjoy the body contouring feel of the Memory Foam material without the associated feelings of heat. The Memory Foam layer of the Selene is infused with Cooling Gel to dissipate body heat during natural movement in bed. The Gel-infused Memory Foam layer is placed on top of an advanced ventilated TFK pocket spring core, which eliminates completely any partner disturbance and provides balanced reflexive support in any sleep position. This combination creates a medium-firm, body contouring and heat dissipating mattress for cool and serene nights. Its European style unzipping removable covers enable to keep the mattress fresh and clean at all times.

The Selene Visco Gel Memory Foam Mattress features:

  • Memory Foam infused with Cooling Gel for precise shaping and cooler feel*
  • Advanced ventilated TFK pocket spring core of the latest type, with individually encapsulated springs, and complete elimination of partner disturbance
  • Balanced reflexive support in any sleep position
  • Removable covers: With easy unzipping the mattress external covers can be removed for dry cleaning when needed, to keep the mattress fresh and clean over the years
  • Impeccable quilting and finish
  • Firmness of mattress: Medium firm
  • Suits any type of existing bed base

* - This mattress is NOT a refrigerating device, and cannot get cooler than room temperature.
For coolest feel De STIJL recommends sleeping in the nude and avoiding flannelette sheets.

Sizes available:
King Size: 183 x 203 x 21cm
Queen Size: 153 x 203 x 21cm

King Size RRP: $2893
Queen Size RRP: $2625

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