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DREIPUNKT - Comfort in Motion

"Comfort in Motion" is a unique piece which has been labelled "The Furniture of the Future" and won the 2004 award of the International Furniture fair at Cologne. With 5 adjustable joints, electronic or infra red controls, the "Comfort in Motion" is much more than a recliner. It adjusts to your personal wishes, on a full range from a chair to a bed. The patented design platform combines the characteristics of different types of furniture. Nothing but the laws of ergonomics restrict the great variety of possible settings. "Comfort in Motion" comes upholstered either in fabric, leather or in premium leather. In the modern living room or in a home theater room it is the ultimate statement of advanced design and indulgence.

Size: 210cm long, 90cm wide.

RRP: $17,398

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